Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kitchen: Planning & Budgeting

Since Thanksgiving I have done a lot of planning, thinking, and research on getting my kitchen restored. I have picked out all my appliances, contacted my pros, priced material, and have an estimate of around $20,625. With the exception of 1 of my pros, I have worked with all these guys before and not only do they do great work, they give me a great price on it as well, so I was able to save money there. Also, the prices I currently have are directly from GE on my appliances but I know I can get them cheaper, I like to estimate on the high side so that I can be prepared. The appliance total alone comes out to about $11K.

First thing to get done is going to be getting all the materials ordered and delivered here so that there won't be any waiting around with a torn apart, unusable kitchen. So, I am ordering the extra tile, the cabinets (I am reusing the doors), the appliances, fabric for the chairs, and the reproduced wallpaper. Once it is all delivered we get started on the real work.

1. Electrical - This is one of the few rooms that does not have a lot of electrical issues. New wire will be run to the 3 light fixtures above the eating area, new switches will be put in, and the outlet under the sink will be fixed so that I do not need to unplug my disposal to use my dishwasher.

2. Demolition - EVERYTHING will be removed from the kitchen. All appliances, cupboards, counter top, furniture, wallpaper will be removed, and the counter top from the pantry.

3. Windows - New windows get put in, energy star efficient. A screen will also be put on the set of opening windows so they will be usable when the weather is nice.

4. Ceiling/Walls -Surfaces will be evened out and any old holes will be filled. The ceiling will be painted flat white along with the light covers and air vent. The new wallpaper will be hung on all the walls.

5. Flooring - Missing tiles will get replaced and the tile will be carried over under where the previous appliances and cabinets were. All the grout will be redone. I decided to wallpaper all the surfaces and tile the entire floor after literally hours of reading through information. For the extra investment it makes sense to me and it is worth it.

6. Cabinets and Appliances - They guy doing my cabinets already has all the measurements on my new appliances along with the layout of the current cabinets which I am keeping. If not for the fact that the appliance sizes are different I would just keep the old ones. When they arrive he will make final measurements but this is where the cabinets and appliances, which are all built in, get installed.

7. Counter Tops and Sink - Other than sanding and repainting the shelves and doors, the only thing that needs to be done in the pantry is touching up the edges of the wallpaper to seal it to the wall, and a new black counter top to match the one in the kitchen. The new counter top as well as the old sink, refinished and with new fixtures, and the new range get installed.

After that the only things left to do are hang the new curtains, move the restored furniture back in and give it a quick cleaning. Now, I know it is not going to be as easy as it looks written on paper but I do know that having a plan makes things much easier in the event of a disaster. I am looking to get this project underway in the next 2-3 weeks but I will keep everything, even the smallest progress updated.

Yay! It really feels like I'm getting something done.

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