Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photobucket, why do you hate me?

I was planning on posting an update a couple of days ago with pictures. My plumber is going to be back out and I only got part of the ceiling in the living room scraped, but it was still some progress and every little bit is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately when I went to upload the pictures of the progress, photobucket rejected me! :( So I am going to find out why it will not let me upload my pictures and then I will fix the problem and get them posted and be a happy little girl again.

On today's menu, I am baking some tasty Apple Spiced bread to power me out the downstairs closet, ripping out the carpet in the downstairs closet, removing the old alarm wiring from the downstairs closet and piano room, and removing the ceiling from the piano room. I know that last one sounds like a lot but from replacing plumbing almost a 1/3 of it is already down and I still need to get all the electric in that room replaced so it will be easier and it will look better to take the whole ceiling down, fix the electric and install the PEX and then re-hang a new beautiful ceiling. Stay tuned for pictures from the other day and an update tonight after my hard days work!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally An Update

I am not even going to get into all the reasons it has taken me so long to update this blog. I thought about dedicating a blog post to it but really, does it matter? I have just not had the time, for various reasons, and now I do. That simple.

So anyway, in the last couple months since my last post I have done some little projects around the house. The sprinkler system in the front yard has been repaired and is now working. Of course then I came across this article about having a drip system for your lawn. Not only is it more water efficient, but you don't have to deal with gardner's (or dogs) breaking sprinkler heads on a regular basis and apparently your grass gets more water then above ground watering gives it.

Also just discovered a "new" plumbing material called PEX. After weeks of research as well as comparing it to the PVC I was going to replace all my old plumbing with, I have decided to get the house replumbed with PEX. I am excited because not only does it take less time, it is guaranteed for 25 years and it takes half the time to install and costs 60%-70% less! Yay! My favorite plumber in the world is coming over tomorrow to fix a couple of quick leaks for me and is going to walk through the house with me so I can get the plumbing done next month.

Mostly I've just been doing a lot of research the last couple of months and making a lot of contacts with people that are, and are going, to be working on my house and the things in it. Also next month I am going to start taking one piece of furniture at a time to get it restored. Well one piece as far as a whole set of the same piece. I have a ton of antique Rattan furniture that just from the dry hot desert and being so old, needs to be repaired and touched up.

The new finish date for the house to be completely done, 100%, is Jan. 1, 2013. I am going to be doing a few other projects around the house tomorrow while Mark is fixing the plumbing so I will make sure that I post some pics as well as a couple more articles!

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