Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photobucket, why do you hate me?

I was planning on posting an update a couple of days ago with pictures. My plumber is going to be back out and I only got part of the ceiling in the living room scraped, but it was still some progress and every little bit is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately when I went to upload the pictures of the progress, photobucket rejected me! :( So I am going to find out why it will not let me upload my pictures and then I will fix the problem and get them posted and be a happy little girl again.

On today's menu, I am baking some tasty Apple Spiced bread to power me out the downstairs closet, ripping out the carpet in the downstairs closet, removing the old alarm wiring from the downstairs closet and piano room, and removing the ceiling from the piano room. I know that last one sounds like a lot but from replacing plumbing almost a 1/3 of it is already down and I still need to get all the electric in that room replaced so it will be easier and it will look better to take the whole ceiling down, fix the electric and install the PEX and then re-hang a new beautiful ceiling. Stay tuned for pictures from the other day and an update tonight after my hard days work!

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